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Following are some of the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

Testimonial – P.H.

Dr. Bruley’s integrated medical approach restored my health. My adrenals were inverted and lack of hormones resulted in interrupted sleep of only four hours. My immune system was depressed and I was sick all the time. I was miserable!


I now sleep seven to eight hours and have renewed energy. I have not been sick in two years! I am convinced that without Dr. Bruley’s help, I would have become seriously ill.


I am grateful for Dr. Bruley’s thorough testing before he prescribes medication and suggests supplements. Dr. Bruley gives his full attention and shares a wealth of information to educate his patients.


Testimonial – J.R.

How many ways can I say “thank you”? Because of your attentive care, I feel like a new person. My health has improved tremendously and my attitude is 100% better.


I struggled with asthma for 15 years. I have been hospitalized with attacks. My business life suffered because I was unable to complete projects. I was always tired even though others saw me as being very energetic. When I was alone, I crashed…unable to stay awake. My first visit was prompted by unending laryngitis. It had always been somewhat of a problem but I had reached a point where I was unable to have a conversation without losing my voice. I never would have believed that my asthma was related to low thyroid!


I also was troubled by what I thought was the “normal aging process.” My blood pressure was elevated, cholesterol was too high, and I was 75 pounds overweight. I attributed that to genetics. My Irish heritage was catching up with me.


It is now 6 months later and ALL of the above problems are gone! I can’t believe how good I feel! I have lost 50 pounds so far, blood pressure is normal, cholesterol has dropped 70 points, and my asthma is completely gone. The real test came just recently when I had a mild cold. Before I began my thyroid medication and changed my eating habits, that would have spelled a long and arduous fight with asthma. I had no symptoms at all. Thyroid medication combined with a diet free of processed foods has made my life so much better. I feel like a participant in life again.


Your ability to listen is remarkable. Then putting all your recommendations in writing made it easy for me to continue to progress. My traditional doctor never had the time to figure out what might be wrong so the treatment consisted of pulling out the pad to write another prescription. Thank you for giving me back my life. I intend to live it to the full and I now have the energy to do that.


Testimonial – K.M.

…more so, I want to thank you for being a part of my healing journey. Thank you for all you’ve done to help me along the way. Physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational healing is such a gift.  As I continue on this journey I praise the Lord for the blessing the two of you are.


Testimonial – R.B.

Dr. Bruley is the first medical doctor I have ever worked with who recommended tests specific to my condition, tests that proved to be extremely relevant. Other doctors either did not know about them, or did not think they were important. Because of those test results, I have been able to proceed with a treatment protocol specific to my personal need. Dr. Bruley is open to questions and encourages participation in my own treatment and uses a holistic, integrative approach that results in a broad perspective aimed at healing.


Testimonial – anonymous

A couple of my associates noticed my hand shaking as I was holding my pen. It was March 2005 and I did not think much about it until the shaking intensified only a couple of weeks later. Then some muscles began twitching in my left forearm. From there it moved up into my bicep and tricep muscles. These small twitches became muscle spasms that would last for up to two days. These spasms became annoying and impacted my quality of sleep. The muscle spasms were not isolated to my left arm. They spread to my back muscles, the right side of my body and eventually to my legs. I was forced to quit running, biking, and swimming due to incapacitating cramping that my muscles felt as though they were about to undergo. I was one of the top triathletes and cyclists in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and nationally when my condition forced me to quit my sports.


I made an appointment with a neurologist based on my family physician’s recommendation. The neurologist ordered a this medication. This medication would prevent my heart rate from rising above 120 bpm; therefore my competition days would be over. I was not interested in taking this or any other medication. I wanted to find the root cause of the problem and treat it naturally.couple standard blood samples to check a few mineral levels. The test results were negative; therefore, I was healthy in his opinion. He did recommend that I come back if the spasms and shaking increased in severity. He would prescribe some medication that would help reduce the symptoms; however, there was one side effect to


I contacted another neurologist in the hope that they would isolate the problem. He performed some muscle and nerve tests. The test results showed that I did not have any muscle or nerve damage. This was the neurologist’s diagnosis verbatim: “The tremors and muscle spasms are in your head. You need to move from agitation to relaxation.” However, before I left the office, he told me that he could see the muscle spasms in my calves and that if they intensified, he could prescribe some medication. Needless to say, I was not happy with his diagnosis either.


I discussed the situation with my chiropractor and she referred me to Dr. Bruley. I immediately called Dr. Bruley to discuss my situation. He was upfront and honest with me from the start. He wasn’t sure if he could help me, but he was willing to try. I was amazed at how many blood tests he initially ordered and would continue to order as test results came in. Dr. Bruley did some research in his medical books based on my test results and was able to piece the puzzle together. Dr. Bruley’s diagnosis for the shaking, twitching, and muscle spasms was due to extremely low levels of some vitamins and minerals and elevated levels of mercury. This surprised me since I was taking a multi-vitamin, B-complex, C, E, and calcium every day for the past 5 years. However, my body was not absorbing these nutrients the way it should be so my digestive system also needed to be fixed. In addition to the supplements I was already taking, he prescribed other vitamins and supplements. I noticed a difference almost immediately.


I have been under Dr. Bruley’s care for 1 1/2 years. My vitamin and mineral levels are where they should be and the heavy metal toxins have been significantly reduced. What is most rewarding to me is that my health, mind, and spirit are better than ever. I have a new lease on life and I am enjoying every minute of it. I did not compete for 1 1/2 years. I returned to competition in the fall of 2006 after my test results showed that my vitamin and mineral levels were normal. I competed in December at the National Cyclocross Championship race in Rhode Island. I placed 6th in the Masters 35+ age group. There were over 225 racers and I started in the last row. I would not have been able to achieve these results, much less compete again, if it were not for Dr. Bruley and his commitment to uncovering the root cause of my medical problem. Moreover, he was able to cure the problem with natural products (that do not have harmful side effects). Dr. Bruley and Mary have been wonderful to work and visit with over the past year and a half. I would encourage everyone to seek Dr. Bruley’s medical advice and treatment. I am confident that he can successfully treat your situation just as he treated me with natural products.



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