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The source of Joan Solomon’s art is at once mysterious and unexpected.

One day while attending a business meeting, Solomon’s thoughts drifted and the marks on the piece of paper in front of her spontaneously began to take shape. When she glanced down at the page she discovered a face, fully formed, staring back at her.


It was as if an unseen world had suddenly beckoned.


Though she had no formal art training, Joan Solomon soon left a successful career to follow her vision. After one year, her work evolved from 8″ x 10″ pen and pencil drawings to 5 ‘ x 5 ‘ color murals.


The response to Solomon’s work was immediate and profound. Collectors from all over the world began to seek her out. Many spoke of being deeply moved. “This work,” writes author Terry Tempest Williams, “is the unveiling of the sacred.”


Solomon says of the work, “I believe, through this art, others can glimpse the unity of all things and draw courage to follow their own path of the divine.”


The artist invites us to enter a vision that fuses familiar images with the world of the spirit. Former arts foundation executive Arthur Himmelman says, “Joan Solomon’s work evolves a new aesthetics of consciousness, a path to spiritual discovery that can heal our hearts as it reveals our souls.”


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