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Dr. Rob Bruley Speaks Candidly about the Causes of Poor Health

May 23, 2012


Why do so many people suffer from adrenal fatigue and hormonal dysfunction? And how do you know if you are one of them?


In this video interview with Tina Rosenquist of Knowledge For Wellness, Dr. Bruley talks about the common culprits that lead to fatigue and a spectrum of other health problems. Dr. Bruley is a practitioner of both traditional medicine and a doctor of chiropractic, and is also board certified in holistic medicine. After practicing as a traditional M.D. for many years, both in primary care and emergency medicine, he took an interest in Functional Medicine, as it helped him recover when he developed adrenal fatigue himself.


Adrenal fatigue is a result of the body’s natural “fight or flight” mechanism being on overdrive for so long that the adrenal system cannot keep up. It results in low energy and a feeling of burnout. Advancing age, stress, nutritional deficiency and exposure to chemicals may all play a role in declining energy and well-being.


Dr. Bruley realized people often fall through the cracks when the symptoms they present do not show up as disease in standard test results. Yet they still do not feel well or sleep well, and their quality of life suffers. Hormonal imbalances and a challenged thyroid can create a cycle of fatigue and poor sleep that further impacts the body’s function.


Today, Dr. Bruley uses a variety of specialized tests to determine what is happening in the body, and then employs a functional medicine approach to help restore health. The methodology that makes the most sense is based on the individual’s unique health challenges, and can include some combination of Western medicine, Eastern medicine, chiropractic, detoxification and nutritional therapy, all designed to help the body work better and heal from the inside out, as naturally as possible.


In the video interview, Dr. Bruley shares that women frequently seem to be affected by adrenal fatigue more often than men. He speaks in detail about why the challenges of an over-taxed thyroid and hormonal imbalances can result in a higher risk of disease, and how functional medicine and a holistic approach can promote prevention and better health and overall improved vitality.


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